Animal Magic: The Scots Whay Podcast Talks Tyke…

Tyke 1

For the latest podcast, Ali went to Edinburgh to meet writer Rebecca Monks in the very aptly named Circus Cafe to talk about her latest play, Tyke.  It is based on a tragic and true tale which some of you may be aware of, it promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, and it’s available to all as part of the Free Fringe.

We also spoke to Tyke’s co-directors, Madison Maylin and Madelaine Cunningham from Black Sheep 13465935_760726547363707_6399035500877242826_n (1)Productions,  to learn about the practicalities of staging such a show, bringing the character of Tyke (see below and right) to life, and just  what drew them to collaborate on this play.

We then conclude matters with Rebecca by way of a discussion on the wider Edinburgh Fringe with reference to her work at the The List magazine, and more generally about the arts scene in Scotland today.  All together it makes for a fascinating listen, and we hope you enjoy.  Continue reading