Have Your SAY: Vote Now In This Year’s SAY Awards…


There has been talk about voting fatigue, but no matter if you’re in or out, we all like to shake it all about and  how better to do that than to take part in the public vote for this year’s Scottish Album of the Year Award.

You can now do just that, but only until tomorrow night (Wednesday, 15th June) at midnight. To help you choose, below are tracks from all 20 long listed  albums and you can learn more about them by clicking on their names.

It’s a list of quite breathtaking quality
and range so it’s not going to be an easy choice, but here they are in alphabetical order. You only get one chance, so vote now or forever shut yer geg…

Admiral Fallow – Tiny Rewards

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Oh July: The Best New Music From Last Month…

Prides-MessiahThe weather out side may have been frightful, but the music was just delightful as July turned out to be one of those summer months which plays out to the soundtrack of great pop music of all shape and sounds, which this roundup aims to prove. Moving from light to shade, it features music for long summer’s days but also for dark and dangerous nights.

What links everything you’re about to hear is that no matter what instruments are being used, or what’s being sung, they are huge tunes which cannot help but improve your day.  To kick things off, from their latest album The Way Back Up, are Prides with ‘Messiah’. It’s a song which has been around for a while, but as an introduction to the album it’s perfect as it exemplifies their infectious electronic pop sound which harks back to New Order and The Human League while also being reminiscent of the late and much loved Dogs Die In Hot Cars. With a cracking video to boot, this is how you write an anthem. Believe:

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Marching Power: The Best New Music From Last Month…

March was the month Scots Whay Hae! started a Facebook page dedicated to music alone. This is so we have a handy place to post any music we like, but also so there was a place for the best music that hasn’t quite made the final cut for these monthly roundups, of which there is plenty.

As if to prove the point, March was packed full of great new music, from old friends and new. As you’ll know from January and February, 2015 has got off to a blistering pace in terms of great new music, and it shows no sign of slowing. That is proven as much by those who have been left out of this selection as much as those who are featured, and if you regularly check out Scots Whay Hae’s Music Page you will get an even clearer picture as to what’s on offer (as well as being able to wallow in some comforting nostalgia). Here endeth the self promotion.

We start with the welcome return of Glasgow’s Errors, and if, ‘Slow Rotor’, the single from their new album Lease Of Life (above) is any indication they are at the top of their game. It’s further example of their mastery of melodic electronica. If you like Metronomy or Summer Camp, then you’re in luck as Errors are better than both, incorporating a greater pop sensibility, and melodies which Paddy McAloon, Bernard Summner and Neil Tennant would kill for. It’s also got the best video of the month by a country mile. But don’t take my word for it:

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