New Musical Success: A Review Of The Best In New Music…


Welcome one and all to the first New Musical Success of 2018, the SWH! regular review of the best new music to have found its way to our ears in recent times. As January is the month of Celtic Connections in Glasgow there is an understandable folk-ish hue to the following selection. But if your musical tastes lie in other directions have no fear as we believe there to be something to interest everyone, and we might just surprise you.

We’re going to kick off with a musician who has appeared on these pages many times before, whether as a member of Teen Canteen or with the moniker of Ette. She is Carla J. Easton and she is now making music under her own name. However, no matter what the name it is business as usual as Easton continues to prove she is incapable of making music which is anything other than magical. Her latest single is ‘Lights In The Dark’, and it is a moody and mature slice of electro pop which shows others just how this sort of thing should be done. Carla J. Easton deserves to reach the widest audience possible and this could be the song to do just that. Take a listen and see if you agree:

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