A Life In Pictures: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To Alasdair Gray & Kevin Brown…


The latest podcast is a fascinating conversation with two previous guests, the writer and artist, Alasdair Gray, and the driving force behind Songs For Scotland, Kevin Brown,

Kevin is curating ALASDAIR GRAY’s Life in Pictures: the Exhibition. Paintings, Drawings and Prints, 1951 – 2017 (27 July 2017 – 12 August 2017), which will feature a selection of Alasdair’s art at London’s Coningsby Gallery, and he tells us all about the what, why, when and where’s.

Alasdair discusses at length the trials and tribulations of his previous exhibitions, how many contemporaries felt the pull of London, what inspired him to illustrate his writing, the importance of protecting public art, and much, much more. He even gives us some insight into his latest project, a very personal take on Dante’s Divine Comedy. This is a rare chance to hear one of Scotland’s greatest artists talking in some detail about his life in pictures. Continue reading

Transatlantic Session: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To Kevin Brown About Songs For Scotland 2…

cwkyjtixzem1xxdiss76For our latest podcast we go transatlantic with Ali talking to Kevin Brown, producer and the driving force behind, Songs For Scotland 2. Even if you’re aware of the original Bella CaledoniaSongs For Scotland you’ll find the story behind the sequel fascinating. Kevin’s passion for the project is infectious and inspiring, and you’ll also want to know what role Alasdair Gray has to play and all about The Alasdair Gray Scholarship Trust.

You can find out how to lend your support to Songs For Scotland 2 at Indiegogo, where, among other great items on offer, you can purchase one of three original Alasdair Gray prints, or all three should  you feel so inclined (although, hurry as they are going fast).

As Kevin explains, there’s a lot going on and you can keep up to date by following on Facebook and Twitter. For even more info, there is also this article from The National which is all about the project and why they support it, as well as Kevin’s own Bella Caledonia article on ‘The Possible Worlds of Alasdair Gray’. Continue reading