Alistair Braidwood

Ali Braidwood started SWH! many moons ago, and over the years he has gathered round him a small but perfectly formed family who help to keep the whole thing going. This is who they are and what they do…

Ian GregsonIan Gregson is the SWH! sound guru and all round techy, without whom the podcasts just wouldn’t happen, and the website would be made of sticky tape and dreams. You can sometimes hear his dulcet tones on podcasts, if you listen carefully.

Sarah Jane McNeilSarah Jane McNeil is our resident “Mouth” for lack of a better word! She is our PR and Marketing Guru and regularly likes to give us a good kick and make us “do stuff”. When she’s not bullying us into promoting ourselves more and shouting about what we do, she does other “stuff” too. More of that can be found here….

Chris Ward podcasts about music and film at Seen Your Video, and writes there and elsewhere. He used to write for webzine Brazen and had a show on Subcity Radio. His heroes are mainly outspoken egomaniacs, and you can read  into that what you will.

You’ll hear him on various SWH! podcasts giving his views on film, music and much, much more.

Ronnie Young is the oldest living Scotswhayhaeman. When not ruminating  about old books for Scots Whay Hae! he teaches at Glasgow University & edits the Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature (SCROLL) with Rodopi Press.

You’ll hear Ronnie on various podcasts.

Denise Noone, a London emigrant, is a wedding & portrait photographer at, – who welcomes photographing absolutely anything that adds to her and your cultural exposure.

Denise is SWH!’s official photographer.

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