Comic Book Writer: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks to M.J. Nicholls…

For the latest podcast Ali met up with one of SWH!’s favourite writers, M.J. Nicholls, to discuss in detail his latest novel, ‘Scotland Before The Bomb‘ – one of the most inventive, and funniest, books of recent years.

The conversation touches upon Nicholls’ reasons for writing, the themes and form of his previous work, how he came to have an American publisher, his approach to being a writer, his influences, the importance of not being overly earnest, and loads more.

This is an interview we’ve been looking forward to for some time, and if you are a reader, writer, or book lover of any kind, then you’ll find this a fascinating listen.

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As Ali always says, we’ll be back very soon with someone completely different…

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