A Very Good Year: It’s The Best of 2014 Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

It’s time for the best of 2014 podcast, and it is a whopper, coming in around 1hr 40mins long. As always, it’s about quality rather than length, but, with that in mind we’ve split the pod into three manageable sections, with Ian’s now familiar Scots Whay Hae! guitar sting to signal a break.

The reason for all this a-yacking? Well, Ian, Chris and Ali hadn’t been together for a while, and so had a lot of films, music and books to talk about (and a lot of praise to rain down on one film in particular).Add in the yearly missive from the Falkirk massive, otherwise known as Dr Ronnie Young, to kick things off, and what you end up with is a fairly comprehensive round up of the best things on screen, on page, and in ears from 2014.

This year has been a historic one in Scotland, and that applies to cultural events as well as political and social ones, and we try to at least touch upon the main ones, as well as some of the lesser known. There is consensus about some matters, not so much on others, but things remain even handed, friendly and broadly positive, just as they should be at this time of year.

This was also podcast number 50*. Ian, Chris and Ali first gathered in the kitchen back on the 3rd August, 2011 to have a chat about a few of their favourite things with no idea if anyone would be listening. 49 pods later we have a lovely and loyal listenership which is apparently growing all the time, that is if Ian’s stats are to be believed, and we want to thank every one and everyone for taking a chance on the Scots Whay Hae! podcast and sticking with us. This year has seen us talk with some of the most impressive people involved in the culture of Scotland, and we don’t intend for that to stop anytime soon.

If you are a subscriber, the podcast will hopefully have already arrived in the inbox of whatever mode you choose to use. If you aren’t yet a subscriber you can do so, (or you can simply listen) at iTunes or by RSS. You can also download it by clicking on the relevant link to the right of this post, or, if you want it right here, right now, you can listen by clicking below: **WARNING – This video features images of Scotland’s Commonwealth Games outfits…

That was the best 2014, a year of the like many believe we will not see again anytime soon, but how about we make 2015 even better? We’ll at least try and keep our side of the bargain…

*Podcast #50 was sponsored by Spanish beer, for some reason…

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