The Scottish Enlightenment…

The band with perhaps the best name in Scottish music have a new EP out. The Scottish Enlightenment have just released Little Sleep, and it’s a bit of a beauty. The music moves around from Pavement, to Explosions in the Sky, taking in some Icelandic influences, and they even visit shoegazing legends Slowdive along the way.
The final track on the EP, and my favourite, is St Germain is Thick Tonight and it reminds me a little of the gentler side of Ballboy. If you want a more concise description of what they do, and who could blame you after that attempt, singer David Moyes sums their current sound as ‘ecclesiastical rock’ which will do for me.
You can buy a copy over at Armellodie Records by clicking here. If you’re quick you can get one of their 100 limited CD copies. 25 mins of great music for less than a fiver. You cannae beat it. Have a listen to Get My Limousine and the aforementioned St Germain is Thick Tonight and make up your own mind:

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